Deutsche Telekom Product Experience Center

The 300 m² product discovery center allows employees and visitors to experience the variety of functions of current group product highlights at 25 interactive exhibit stations. In addition to product information, touch-controlled information systems offer visitors multimedia application examples of the actual product. An integrated feedback system linked to product development promotes internal company dialog. The capacity of the network infrastructure of Deutsche Telekom is experienced with the display of data streams and information in real-time graphics.

EWIG NEU unterstütze Atelier Markgraph bei der Realisierung mehrere interaktive Exponate.


  • Projektmanagement Hardware/Software


  • Auftraggeber: Deutsche Telekom AG
  • Für/Team: Atelier Markgraph
  • Jahr: 2009
  • Fotos: Zooey Braun
  • Text: Atelier Markgraph


  • red dot communication design award 2009
  • iF communication design award 2009